Artist Statement

Push 1 stop & Wiklow – “Membrane”
Photo credit: Bruno Destombes

I am a Montréal-based media artist and composer operating under the pseudonym ‘Wiklow’. My practice tends to focus on exploring metaphysical experience through hyper-digitalism. I try to bring an audience outside of themselves, for moments of varied self-awareness. To me, this is an oasis in a world of stimulated anxiety and self-image. I also like to collaborate with other artists sharing a similar vision, often influenced by glitch and minimalist ideas.

Digital mimicry. Technology has changed the way we interpret the physical world. Everywhere, we see the digital world reflected back at us. I am interested in natural materials that are interpreted as digital.

Warped perception. I’m influenced by a personal meditation practice and a curiosity about eastern philosophy. I explore the use of psychophysical illusions and work to warp the perception of time, space and reality. An artist talk I gave on this subject can be found here.

Reject perfectionism. It’s in-between the cracks that we find our own character. This is extends to a deeply personal component of self-worth. Whether it’s a broken piano or a malfunctioning drum machine, I work within this ethos, this manifesto of glitch-art.

My biography is here.