Composer-in-residence (CEM – Centre d’expérimentation musicale)

As composer-in-residence at the CEM (Centre d’expérimentation musicale), Michael Gary Dean’s minimalist neoclassical compositions draw on numerous artistic styles, from classical music to digital art.

Performances adopt a modern language for conducting chamber music ensembles, inspired by American composer John Zorn. Dean’s “live direction” techniques are comprised of unique hand signals and cues that direct the ensemble or a specific player during a performance while providing the means for musicians to also communicate with one other. The result is a lively and dynamic interactive performance style that maintains the precision of traditional classical music performance practices and score writing, while capturing the magic and surprise of improvised styles like electronic music and jazz.

Composed and Directed by Michael Gary Dean
Co-produced with the CEM – Le Centre d’expérimentation musicale

Saxophone: Guy Tremblay
Trumpet: André Lessard
Violin: Bernard Cormier
Cello: Aline Gilbert-Thévard
Double Bass: Luc Lévesque

Cameras: Samuel Snow, Alexandre Thériault, Gabriel B. LeCouffe, Constantin Monfilliette
Sound recording: Dany Lemay
Lighting: Gabriel B. LeCouffe, Michael Gary Dean
Video: Constantin Monfilliette