Liquid Architecture

Visual Content – Patrick Trudeau
Programming – Ehsan Rezaie
Audio + Programming – Michael Gary Dean

We are surprised to let our spirit go in this endless space that is offered to us. It is not a question here of following the logic of a tale or of projecting oneself into a story. As one goes deeper into the experience, it becomes clear that the technique of 3D scans of historical monuments used to produce this film is by no means an end in itself. It is an unexpected tool used to create a new dramaturgy that teleports the viewer inside oneself. – La Bible Urbain

Liquid Architecture is a forty-five minute immersive audio-visual performance created and performed by Michael Dean and Patrick Trudeau with collaboration from visual programmer Ehsan Rezaie.

Based on the re-representation of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) system data, Liquid Architecture rediscovers a number of historical monuments. Old churches, waterfalls and forests merge into one another, joining together and creating impossible structures. The work is inspired by Marcus Novak’s 1991 publication of “Liquid Architectures in Cyberspace”.

Audio-visual materials were created using mostly generative systems and custom software. A residency with the Société des arts technologiques in Montréal provided period of research in a 360-degree immersive dome environment. Performances adapted new immersive techniques learned during the residency, submerging audiences in both space and sound. “It is first and foremost an ode to the journey and the dream of a reality that dissolves and reverts to infinity, ” says Patrick Trudeau (visual artist).

“Liquid Architecture” was presented in Canada, Mexico and in Europe. The work also joined the Société des arts technologiques’ European tour for immersive artworks between September to November in 2018.

Custom code (Touchdesigner, Max, Javascript and GLSL) developed for the project is found here:

Photo credits: Sébastien Roy, Bruno Destombes.