Video 4K or HD – 16:9
Length: 20 min

Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules
Michael Gary Dean

Previz refers to a previsualization: a method artists use to create 3D digital representations of how an artwork will look when installed, often including computer generated people to represent an audience. It subtly reveals how essential the audience is to experiencing art. These images are frequently used to promote and document exhibitions, with the perfect artificial representation being favoured over a real-life photograph of people engaging with the work.

In Previz , the latest artwork by audio-visual artists Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules and Michael Dean, this practice is taken to a new space. 3D modelling isn’t just used to represent the work, the 3D modelling is the work. The flat 2D screen on which the visuals would normally be displayed has been placed within a 3D environment. Computer generated characters observe and engage with the screen, sometimes viewing it on their phone or laptop or experiencing it as part of a Zoom meeting.

This is an artwork within an artwork, using layers and refractions to emphasize the importance of witnesses in making a work relevant and provoking questions on what the future context may be for media art.

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Previz was created with support from 現在音樂 Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong.