Green Dragon, Black Tortoise

Full length album

“Le producteur québécois Wiklow fait une forme plus ambiante, glitch et expérimentale que jamais. L’album ‘Green Dragon, Black Tortoise’ paraît le 21 février sur l’étiquette berlinoise Abandoned Audio. Un audacieux et prodigieux bond vers l’avant du sculpteur sonore.”

Boulimique de Musique

“Wiklow’s ‘Green Dragon, Black Tortoise’ is the latest release off Abandoned Audio, sublabel of Berlin based 31337 Records; a premonition of audio that accompanies satellites, where echoes of the organic meet robotics busy at work, deep in the void. Occupying a space between IDM and ambient glitch, organic samples are peppered about and spring forth like sun flares in and among the cosmos.

At it’s core ‘Green Dragon, Black Tortoise’ is a flirtation with essentialism, stripping bare layers of structure and expectation, where observation meets reflection and experience meets perception.

Remaining mindful of the meditative space held by each track, a contrast can be felt throughout the record of careful precision that finds a way to flicker like a flame in the dark. Reminiscent of the past but unquestionably of the future, if AI could dream, this would be the soundtrack to the algorithms processed in space.”

Text – Michael Armstrong