Assembly Point

“Assembly Point” is a collaboration between Dinelka (Sri Lanka) and Wiklow (Canada). The duo unite on a mutual experience of Berlin, though the two have never met or been in the city during the same period. Following an artist residency with Border Movement, an initiative of the Goethe-Institutes in Berlin and South Asia, Dinelka and Wiklow discovered each other online through an electronic music label known as Micromod. The two artists quickly found a mutual love for the exploration of sound present in either artist’s work. Over social media the artists began sending sound bytes back and forth, continuing once Dinelka had returned to his home city of Colombo in Sri Lanka.

The result of these exchanges is “Assembly Point”, a work is based on the sensorial impression of Berlin that either artist experienced during their visit to electronic capital. With creaking rail yards and abandoned post-war sites, the city is a cyber-punk machine – modernity set right in the middle of an anarchist and industrial past. These impressions form the basis either artist’s sonic memory of the sights, smells and sounds that they recall through sound.

The final release is a two-side EP, with three tracks from either artist forming each side. For each track on Side A, there is a counterpart on Side B, forming a call-and-response composition style.

See the project’s video by visual artist Eric Erre.

Mastering by: Three Apes Studio

Artwork: Maxim Shabalin

Video: Eric Erre