Wiklow & Daoust on Lo Signal

@Wiklow starts the first hour with a set of live remixes from various glitch and microsound artists. @dom-c-daoust steps into the mix in the second half with the minimal techno sound.

Wiklow Tracklist

@agf-antye-greie – Rakastaja [@mutek_montreal]
@pixelmusic – 2 [@rasternoton]
@philippevandal – Sryn2 [@jeunesse-cosmique]
@dinelkaofficial – Double Side [@micromod-music]
Junior Varsity KM – (export) 10 [Fällt]
@pimmon – DLL Horsp [Unreleased]
@neubalance – Trsx Moon [@1080pcollection]
Folder – (else) 2 [Fällt]
D I O X Y D E – Uber Lag _ Ovskii ) [@mutek_montreal]
@taylordeupree – Stil. [@12k]
@echoton – Point of No Return [@abandoned-audio]

Daoust Tracklist

@alicia-hush – Cingulate Shuffle (dull’s Stroll Remix) [@hushlamb]
@lenta – Forest [Unreleased]
Coldfish – Cokhu (@rogergerressen Remix)[@allinnrecords]
@oliverhacke – 12:31 [@trapez_official]
@barac-music – Evusha (@stefanbarza Edit) [Unknown]
@ion-ludwig – No Man Can Be One You Should See [@shaun-soomro]
@barac-music – Nibusat In Sus (@lixandrumusic Edit) [Unknown]
@ion-ludwig – Date The Save [Ugold Series]
@cumsecade – Grey Friday [@plaisir-records]
@lenta – Your Subtle Ether [Unreleased]