Algorithmic performance for transparent materials.
Push 1 stop & Wiklow

“Dry ice hisses into the dark room and white shapes strobe through the air, pulsing and oscillating around the crowd. Sharp scribbles synchronise with their minimal dance music, swelling into huge circles of light above our heads, an impressive monochrome take on Robin Fox’s rainbow laser projections that do a good job of placing us inside the invisible sound frequencies, with lines rippling and vibrating, sketching out the music in space.”

– The Quietus

Membrane is an artwork that merges audio-visual performance with installation art. Three-dimensional, volumetric shapes hover between the performers, caught in a haze of rising smoke. Through live manipulations, the performers engage in a playful exchange with their generative system. The work represents an alternative form of projection art, bringing digital forms into physical space.

Thanks to Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ), Holo-Gauze and Perte de signal.

Push 1 stop:

MaterialsLaser projector and reflective transparent screen.
Dimensions2.74m h x 3.66m w
Running Time35 minutes
SetupA laser projector of at least 8000 lumens is installed approximately 3-5m behind the screen.

A smoke machine makes occasional bursts of smoke, filling the area between the screen and the projector.

Each performer is placed on either side of the screen.
CreditsPush 1 stop []

Wiklow []

Photos: Dani Canto, Sergio Albert, Oriol Reverter, Diego Figueroa.

The creation of Membrane was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec with additional support from Perte de signal and Holo-Gauze.

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