Diagram [Wiklow & Laine Butler]

“While diagrams are real, they need not be actual – they can be virtually real”

Digital media artists Laine Butler and Wiklow converge on Diagram, their first audio-visual collaboration. Butler’s dynamic and chaotic structures are interwoven with Wiklow’s glitchy and textural soundtrack to create imaginary digital landscapes. Drawing influence from both physicality and digitalism, ‘Diagram’ is an undiscovered space made up of ethereal motifs and hyperrealism.

Diagram is an audio-visual collaboration with Laine Butler, a Vancouver-based visual artist. Conceptually, the work explores the virtualness of the digital medium. Either artist works with the creation of fantastic objects that evoke extraordinary realism. The idea of physicality in either medium is to be preserved, while distorting expected norms. Sonically, this is expressed through field recordings that synthesize digital characteristics, or by the organization of recorded sound objects into impossible arrangements of behaviour.

The creative and collaborative process has occurred entirely over the internet, in virtual space. Either artist shares bits of media and inspiration, often meeting up online using video chat to coordinate work. A few days before the performance, collaborators connected in the physical, finalizing performative details.

Diagram was presented 19 May 2017 at the Pretty Good Not Bad festival in Victoria, BC, Canada. Read Holy Smokes Music review of the festival.