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Canadian-born, Lisbon-based Michael Gary Dean, also known as Wiklow, is a new media artist who straddles both the avant-garde edges of digital art and the more traditional veins of classical music. Wiklow takes the physicality of his deep relationship to his instruments as a starting point for digital exploration, sparking a two-way communication through which he endeavours to bring more humanity to the digital realm. 

In his performances, Wiklow challenges the idea that the performer should be the focal point, often removing the stage entirely in order to place the audience on an equal level with the artist to create a shared experience. Sonically, he searches for frequencies and synchronicities that can provoke changes in the listener’s state of consciousness and elicit psychological reactions.

Through collaborations with artists of different mediums, often with a strong visual aspect, Wiklow has been able to bring things even further from the digital into the physical. Wiklow has performed across the world including notable appearances at MUTEK, Sonár and ISEA.