Frozen Music [Push 1 stop & Wiklow]

Previsualization for “Frozen Music”, a generative video installation.


Sound sculptures for a large projection surface.

Large-surface video installation using sound to generate 3D sculptures in virtual space. The piece generates continuously, never reaching any conclusion.

Materials2-5 DLP projectors or LED Wall, two computers, speakers.
DimensionsDimensions variable.
Running TimeIndeterminate. Generative composition.

Large video projection with multi-channel sound.

One video image is projected onto a wall in a large exhibit space. The surface is ideally 15 meters long, covered by multiple video projectors. Rear projection is recommended or LED Wall.

A multi-channel speaker set-up is used to spatialize sound. The minimum number of speakers are dependent on the size of the projection wall.


Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules []

Michael G. Dean []